Pittsburgh ordinance would make building utility information public

The Performance and Asset Management Committee of Pittsburgh City Council voted on an ordinance Tuesday that would publicly disclose utility information of city-owned buildings. 

Modeled after other cities around the country like Boston and New York, the energy benchmarking and disclosure ordinance will make city facilities list energy usage information, water usage, and gas information in an effort to create more transparency and to incentivize those buildings to reduce utility costs, by June 2017. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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Pittsburgh City Council receives update on plan to fix city's facilities and assets

Members of the Mayor Peduto’s administration came before Pittsburgh City Council on Tuesday during a Post Agenda meeting to lay out the status of the Facilities Optimization Plan. 

The 40-year facilities optimization plan is the result of an ongoing, comprehensive facility management study of Pittsburgh, done by Massaro Corp., that evaluates the city’s approximate 300 structures that total more than 2.1 million square feet of building space. 

The study came after an executive order made by Mayor Peduto last June to enact a long-term, strategic investment and maintenance plan for city owned facilities, as part of the Pittsburgh’s comphrensive fixed asset management system. 
Thursday, July 14, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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New Ethics Hearing Board members preliminarily approved by Pittsburgh City Council

Pittsburgh City Council met Wednesday to confirm new members appointed to the Ethics Hearing Board of the City of Pittsburgh.
The appointment of the nine-member Ethics Hearing Board is a result of legislation that was passed by City Council in October to reconstitute Pittsburgh’s long-dormant ethics board.
Previous to the legislation sponsored by Councilman Dan Gilman (District 8), the members were appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the members of City Council, and had only met a few times between 2010-2014. 
“The problem was that when a mayor in particular, and sometimes a council member might be under any sort of ethics investigation, they are being reviewed by the very people they appointed,” said Councilman Gilman. 
Wednesday, June 15, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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Pittsburgh City Council debate over development trust funds brings up concerns over disparate city growth

Resolutions 2016-0427 and 2016-0428, which would  provide trust funds to help developers in the city meet the requirements of code for open spaces and storm water management on their development sites through alternative compliances, or payments-in-lieu of, received final approval from Pittsburgh City Council Tuesday.
The resolutions, which outline requirements for The Open Space Trust Fund and the Stormwater Management Trust Fund, respectively, were the topic of conversation for the Pittsburgh City Council Committee on Land Use & Economic Development last week. 
Representatives from the Pittsburgh City Planning Office sat before the committee to answer questions and to explain what the funds do. 
Wednesday, June 15, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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Pittsburgh City Council legislation looks to protect housing options for victims of domestic violence

Pittsburgh City Council held a standing committee meeting last week to discuss and approve an amendment to an ordinance that would add perceived victims of domestic violence or stalking to the Pittsburgh City Housing Discrimination Code. 
The legislation, 2016-0047, is sponsored by Councilman Dan Gilman of District 8-which covers the neighborhoods of Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, and Point Breeze. 
“What we have heard has happened in the past is basically a landlord would say ‘I don’t want any trouble here’ because of a lot of police visits, because of a lot of loud noises, because of neighbor complaints of disturbances and victims end up losing their housing because they’re a victim of domestic violence,” said Councilman Gilman. 
“This legislation makes that illegal. We make it very clear that anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or stalking will not be discriminating against- whether it be evictions, lease renewals, mortgages or any other aspect of housing.”
Monday, June 13, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll