In face of pro-labor opposition, so-called "paycheck protection" likely key issue in upcoming session

“Paycheck protection” legislation is a lot like a platypus. It’s comparable to a lot of other things, but it’s not exactly like any of them, and it does not always get a lot of attention outside those passionate about it.

With the issue sure to draw renewed attention by the legislature in the coming session, The PLS Reporter takes a look at so-called paycheck protection and talks to the key players both for and against the concept.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014/Author: Josh Levy
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Limited paycheck protection measure fails to win Senate approval

An amendment offered by Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York) to House Bill 803 to provide for limited so-called “paycheck protection,” which would stop the automatic deduction of union dues from public school employee paychecks, failed to gain a majority of Senate votes Wednesday afternoon.

The amendment, unlike other similar proposals, would have only applied to public school employee unions and not all public sector unions since it sought to amend a bill that amends the Public School Code.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014/Author: Jason Gottesman
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A loophole in the Pennsylvania Criminal Code allowing for violent intimidation tactics during collective bargaining negotiations is one step closer to being closed.

House Bill 1154, introduced by Rep. Ron Miller (R-York), passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today by unanimous vote. One amendment was adopted to the bill.

The bill as amended would close the loophole that allows certain harassment, stalking, and other intimidation tactics when they take place in conjunction with collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The amendment ensured that speech protected by the state and federal constitutions would remain protected under the crimes code; however, it also ensured that uses of weapons of mass destruction in such negotiations are completely illegal.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014/Author: The PLS Reporter
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