Holiday news you may have missed

Checking-in for the first time since Christmas? Well, lots happened that you may have missed and we’d like to get you back up to speed.

While you might have known that just before Christmas, the General Assembly delivered a $30.2 billion budget to the governor’s desk without his agreement, you might have missed the governor’s line-item veto of that measure on December 29th.

In sum, Gov. Tom Wolf’s use of his veto blue-lining pen allowed about $23 billion to get out to state government, local government, and public schools.

Despite his actions, Gov. Wolf was not thrilled about the budget that landed on his desk.

“I am expressing the outrage that all of us Pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage Republican legislative leaders have tried to dump on us,” he said. “This budget is wrong for Pennsylvania and our legislators—the folks we elected to serve us need to own up to this—they need to do their jobs.”

Monday, January 4, 2016/Author: Jason Gottesman
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Over 100 strong and growing: Pennsylvania’s problem-solving courts

The Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) marked a new milestone Friday, announcing the number of problem-solving courts in the state has passed the 100 mark.

Problem-solving courts are a mechanism of the judiciary that focuses on remediation, treatment, and rehabilitation instead of incarceration for certain nonviolent offenders.

Monday, January 12, 2015/Author: Jason Gottesman
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