Secret House panel investigation of Philly lawmaker cash payments seems dead

The much-rumored internal House investigation into alleged ethics violations by members receiving cash bribes appears to have stalled out.

The allegations of the quid-pro-quo came from an investigation dropped by Attorney General Kathleen Kane early in 2014 and subsequently picked up by Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015/Author: Jason Gottesman
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A secret no more: Pennsylvania’s grand juries

Recently a grand jury’s decision led to riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and protests across the nation. In Pennsylvania the Jerry Sandusky grand jury received national attention.

Most recently Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who announced her 2016 re-election bid, is the subject of a statewide grand jury determining whether Kane should be charged for contempt of court.

Grand juries are a vital tool in the criminal process and have a knack for catching the attention of the media and the public, but the intricacies of the grand jury process can be unclear since they do not determine guilt or innocence and most of the subject matter is shrouded in secrecy during the process.

Monday, December 22, 2014/Author: The PLS Reporter
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