In Reflection with Sen. Earl Baker (R-Chester)

In Reflection with Sen. Earl Baker (R-Chester)

The Key to the Keystone State: The Future of Pennsylvania is Energy

In the first installment of our new feature, "In Reflection," former-Sen. Earl Baker (R-Chester) takes a look at Pennsylvania's energy potential.

"The natural gas industry has the potential to produce enough energy to substantially power our state, and much of the nation’s energy needs," Sen. Baker says in the article. "To accomplish that, the infrastructure for distribution is a significant element of investment, and all we have to do is look at the ability of Russia to turn the energy spigot on and off to Ukraine, Eastern and Western Europe to see that Pennsylvania can be an instrument of national power through export."

Thursday, March 5, 2015/Author: Earl Baker
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It’s a rule as old as budgets themselves: Tough fiscal situations mean tough spending decisions. This year is no different. With the Commonwealth and school districts entering another tough budget year, debate over public pensions and how they relate to General Fund obligations has once again garnered center stage.

As announced in his 2014-2015 budget address, Gov. Tom Corbett has assumed coming fiscal year pension savings of $170 million for the state and $131 million for school districts in balancing his proposed budget.

To date, no pension reform legislation has been introduced following the governor’s budget address. Here’s a look at the most talked about pension reform concepts and where the debate might take any possible legislation as the June 30 budget deadline approaches.

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Friday, March 28, 2014/Author: The PLS Reporter
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