In Philadelphia, City Council passes job reporting bill, marks anniversary of The Links charitable organization

In Philadelphia, City Council passes job reporting bill, marks anniversary of The Links charitable organization

Author: Marco Cerino/Thursday, November 15, 2018/Categories: Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to add job growth or related information to fiscal impact statements on future proposed legislation Thursday. 

The ordinance earned a favorable recommendation from the Committee on Finance late last month. It had 11 sponsors and bipartisan support.

This was the only bill passed by the council on Thursday from the established docket. One bill regarding transit was amended, while another on tax exclusions for new businesses went on the suspension calendar.

Council celebrated the leadership victories from the city’s delegation to Harrisburg. Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez (D-District 7) introduced a resolution to congratulate Rep. Joanna McClinton (D-191st District) on becoming the first woman elected Caucus Chair for the House Democrats.

“I’m happy to have the chance to join my fellow Women of Council to honor our trailblazer in leadership in Harrisburg, Rep. Joanna McClinton,” Quinones Sanchez said in a statement. 

McClinton joins Minority Whip Rep. Jordan Harris (D-186th District) and Caucus Secretary Rep. Rosita Youngblood as new members of House leadership. The Pennsylvania Senate kept their leadership intact, with three Philadelphia-based state senators in roles with the Democrats.

Councilman Kenyatta Harris (D-District 2) spoke glowingly of his successor Harris and McClinton Wednesday after a committee hearing. “I’m totally excited regarding the future of the Democratic Party in Harrisburg,” he said. “I believe their [Harris and McClinton’s] future is very bright. They are two progressives who advocate on behalf of the people, they are policy-oriented, but most importantly they have a passion for being on the ground and representing the interests of the people in the city of Philadelphia but also the state of Pennsylvania as a whole.” 

Fittingly, one of the members of Philadelphia’s Harrisburg delegation attended City Council today. Rep. Morgan Cephas (D-192) was on hand to celebrate the 72nd birthday of Philadelphia’s chapter of The Links, one of America’s pre-eminent social and charitable organizations for African-American women. The group, the organization’s founding chapter, includes such luminaries as former Councilwoman Marian Tasco, former First Lady of Philadelphia Velma W. Goode, and other women currently and previously active in area politics.

Councilwoman Cherelle Parker (D-District 9), who is also a member of The Links, spoke of how the diversity of leadership reflected in Philadelphia bodes well for the commonwealth. “It is an inclusive leadership team now,” she said. “It is also intergenerational leadership team now.” The delegation lost almost a century of service in Harrisburg with the four retiring members.

In a statement, Mayor Jim Kenney (D) said the following: “It’s always great to see Philadelphians in leadership positions in Harrisburg so that the constituents of Philadelphia have a greater voice on the General Assembly. I congratulate Representative Harris, Representative McClinton, Representative Youngblood, Representative Dawkins, Representative-elect Kenyatta, and Representative-elect Fiedler on their new roles. It’s not only important for the City of Philadelphia to have a seat at the table, but even more important for women and people of color to be represented. I am hopeful that their leadership will have a positive impact on Philadelphia’s relationships in Harrisburg and across the Commonwealth.”

Council will be in recess until November 29th.

Marco Cerino is a staff writer for The PLS Reporter based in Philadelphia. Have a question, comment or tip? Email him at